Forthcoming publication in R&D Management Journal (special issue on Open Innovation)

Our paper “Integrating inside and outside innovators: A sociotechnical systems perspective” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming special issue on Open Innovation (Guest editors: H. Chesbrough, O. Gassmann & E. Enkel) in the R&D Management Journal.

Wanna learn more about it… here is the abstract…

Innovation literature stresses the importance of opening the innovation process to internal and external partners. The question of what determines the integration of these types of innovators in the innovation process remains open. By applying a sociotechnical systems perspective we address a number of challenges lying in this question: An organization deploying different innovation practices to support the innovation process might not be aware which types of innovators are de facto integrated in its innovation process. Alternatively, an organization targeting the integration of a particular type of innovator might not use the suitable innovation practices to integrate the knowledge of this type of innovator. To help address these challenges, our comparative case study analysis in 15 medium-sized firms derives a theoretical framework proposing that a combined analysis of innovation practices and underlying social interactions is needed to decide about the integration of a particular type of innovator in the innovation process. Being aware of these interrelations will allow organizations to act more consciously when opening their innovation processes.

Neyer, A.K./ Bullinger, A.C./ Möslein, K. (forthcoming). Integrating inside and outside innovators: a sociotechnical systems perspective. R&D Management Journal (special issue on Open R&D and Open Innovation; guest editors:  Henry Chesbrough, Ellen Enkel and Oliver Gassmann)

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